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Program Process




From start to finish, this page walks you through the entire Study Abroad/International Internship process step by step.

Initial Student Interest

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We are glad you’re here! We hope you find the program that meets your academic and career needs. We are excited to help you through this process to your journey abroad. Be sure to begin browsing programs, reading through policies and procedures and reviewing Frequently Asked Questions. If you are ready, take the next steps to move forward in the process to Advising 101.

Advising 101

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Begin your Advising process by signing up for the 101 session. This advising session is an online group web meeting. You will learn about the overall details of what study abroad and international internships looks like with Liberty University.

Sign up for Advising 101 today by filling out the Advising 101 Survey.

Determine Eligibility

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Students must meet specific requirements and deadlines to be eligible to participate in a LU Send Study Abroad. Please refer to Policies & Guidelines (Eligibilities).

Research Available Programs

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We believe that taking time to research possible programs can add a lot of value in your study abroad journey. There’s a lot of satisfaction when you find the right program. Spend some time browsing available programs. We encourage you to reach out to our partner programs to inquire about specific program details.

Advising 201

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Now that you’ve spent time researching programs and have narrowed your possibilities down to a select few, you are ready to take the next step in your advising process. Register for Advising 201

This advising session will cover details on:

  • Application deadlines & process
  • Courses
  • Financial Aid & Payments

After Advising 201, you will be provided next step details and your one step closer to your abroad experience.

Program Selection Form

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This form is the first part of your application. You will receive this after completing Advising 201. Please complete this form after you have decided on a Study Abroad or International Internship program.

Course Approval Form AND/OR Internship Agreement Form

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If you are studying abroad you will need to complete the course approval form. Instructions on completing this form will be provided in Advising 201. Please see Policies & Guidelines (Registration and Enrollment).

If you are interning abroad you will need to complete the internship agreement form. Instructions on completing this form will be provided in Advising 201. Please see Policies & Guidelines (Registration and Enrollment).

Partner Program Application

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After you have completed the program selection form and course approval form please be sure begin your Partner Program Application (i.e. Living & Learning, ISA, ELIC, etc.)

Please be sure to refer to the Partner Program for application deadlines as they differ from LU Send deadlines.

LU Send Application

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Now that you’ve been accepted to your Partner Program. Please begin your LU Send Study Abroad Application. You will receive directions for completing your pre-decision application in Advising 201. Please be sure to refer to Policies & Guidelines (Deadlines).

Please note that applications will be reviewed as they are received. A decision will be reached in 7-10 business days after submission.

Acceptance & Commitment

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Congratulations! You’ve submitted your LU Send Application and you’ve been accepted. Log into your LU Send Application Portal, commit to your acceptance and begin working on your post-decision application. Please see Policies & Guidelines (Deadlines).

Advising 301

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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about logistics, deadlines and applications. This advising session is made to prepare and support Liberty students for the experience abroad. You can expect topics that discuss faith & spirituality abroad, first time travelers, leveraging your abroad experience and many others. Please see Getting Started & Advising to register for Advising 301.

Consortium Agreement

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If you are participating in a Custom Study Abroad Program you will need to complete a consortium agreement with Liberty University Financial Aid Department. Please see Policies & Guidelines (Consortium Agreement).

Advising 401 (Pre-Departure Training)

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You’re almost at the end of your advising process. Pre-Departure training will be hosted by LU Serve & LU Send. This day training will feature LUPD and Study Abroad Alumni. We focus on cultural intelligence, faith and spirituality abroad, culture shock, final application details, safety and risk and several other important topics.

Please be sure to register for Advising 401. Details will be provided after completing Advising 201.

Final Advising

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You have completed: Advising 101, 201, 301 & 401, your applications and are committed to going abroad in the upcoming term. This final advising meeting is a space for you to check-in with the LU Send Study Abroad staff. Use this space to ask any last minute questions and be sure you’ve completed all requirements.

Financial Check-In

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Financial Check-In is an important last step before you go abroad. Please be sure that you have completed this before you leave for your abroad experience. Please see Policies & Guidelines (Billing and Payments).

Preparation & Packing

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As you continue to prepare for your abroad experience continue to research important cultural and language tips and details.


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You’ve got your airfare and next stop is your study abroad location! Bon Voyage!

(Don’t forget your passport!)

While Abroad

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Whether you’re gone for 4 weeks or 4 months, you will go through the ebb & flow of international travels. Be sure to take time to journal, pray, reflect and process your travels. Utilize your in country resources, speak the language, try the food, worship & serve with locals and live on mission. Stay present and connected to the experience but, calling home to friends and family can always give you a much needed boost!


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As you prepare to re-enter the United States, continue to reflect & process your journey abroad. Begin preparing how you will share your story to friends and family. You’ve just had a life changing experience and we want you to grow well as you include your time abroad in your academic, cultural and spiritual growth.

Program Evaluation

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You’ve just finished an amazing journey abroad! As our department continues to grow and provide more students abroad experiences, we need your help and support. Take some time to provide, honest, honorable and constructive feedback to help us provide quality programs for Liberty students.

Advising 501 (Re-Entry Training)

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If you are returning to Liberty University after your term abroad. You will be invited to a Re-Entry Training hosted by LU Send & LU Serve. This training will discuss reverse culture shock, leveraging your abroad experience in your academics and spiritual life and provide a space to craft and share your story with fellow LU students who travelled abroad.

Exit Interview (1 on 1)

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You’ve done a lot of work, and the journey may seem like it’s coming to an end but, we believe it’s just beginning. This last meeting is a space to hear directly from you about your experience. Our desire is to provide any support and advice as you continue with your studies at Liberty University. We hope that this space gives some closure to what we trust was a life changing experience. We also hope this meeting is a catalyst to utilizing your experience well in training to become Champions for Christ.