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Getting Started & Advising


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LU Send Study Abroad provides experiences through Study Abroad and International Internship programs that impact the lives of Liberty students during their college careers and beyond. LU Send Study Abroad desires for students to go abroad and be holistically changed in ways that further prepare them to be champions for Christ.

Program Opportunities

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Study Abroad Signature Program

This unique opportunities allow students to use their Liberty scholarships and take special Liberty courses while studying or interning abroad for a semester or summer. These are Christian programs designed to provide students a space to continue maturing in their faith through Christian community and service and academics taught through a biblical worldview. Signature Programs have been designed to provide students a space to dive deeper into their host culture through academics, cultural engagement, exploration, and service.

Study Abroad Custom Programs

These popular programs provide incredible opportunities to study and intern abroad for a summer, semester, or year. LU Send has partnered with numerous organizations and universities across the globe, giving students a wide variety of program options. These programs are diverse in location, academic focus, and service and internship opportunities, allowing students to find the perfect program to suit their personal and academic goals. Custom Programs provide:

  1. Opportunities to take courses at host universities and study centers.
  2. Opportunities to add an Internship to their study abroad experience.

Study Abroad Independent Internships

These opportunities provide tangible ways to gain professional, hands-on experience in a cross-cultural environment. Students will work with and learn from specialists within their field of study. These programs are for students looking to fulfill an internship or practicum for degree credit or who want to gain professional, overseas experience without credit.

Advising 101

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Begin the advising process by signing up for a 101 session. The Advising 101 group session is mandatory for all students seeking to participate in the LU Send Study Abroad program. You will learn about the overall details of what study abroad and international internships looks like with Liberty University.

Register for Advising 101

Please email any inquiries to

Advising 201

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This group session will cover: application process, financial aid, course registration, and planning & preparation. There will be time for students to ask specific questions about their program. The Advising 201 group session is mandatory for all students seeking to participate in the LU Send Study Abroad Program. A link to register for Advising 201 will be sent to you after you complete Advising 101.

Advising 301

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These group sessions are interactive advising sessions for all students who have taken the next steps in their journey abroad. These sessions aim to develop the whole student in their preparation to go abroad.

Please Note: Students are required to attend at least one Advising 301 session the semester before they go abroad, but may attend more than one session in any given semester.

Advising 401

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Advising 401 is the Pre-Departure Training, held near the end of the semester prior to your semester abroad. You have completed all LU Send application requirements and have been approved to study and/or intern abroad next semester. Several departments are coming together to help prepare you for your journey abroad. During this training you will learn about Cultural Intelligence, culture shock, travel safety, and much more. We hope this event also allows you space to connect with your peers who will also be studying or interning abroad. Event details will be sent to you via email in advance.

Please Note: All students are required to attend this training.

Please contact if you are unable to attend for extenuating circumstances; we will review for excused absences on a case by case basis.