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My program is providing international insurance. Am I still required to have insurance through Liberty?

Yes. Liberty has mandated that all students who travel through LU Send are required to have International Health and Travel insurance through Liberty. The insurance cost is included in the LU Send fee.

What does the LU Send Study Abroad fee cover?

The LU Send Study Abroad fee covers Alert Traveler access, the background check, processing fees, Cultural Intelligence training, international health and travel insurance, pre-departure training, and travel packages.

Can I use my Liberty scholarships?

Liberty scholarships can be used towards Signature Study Abroad programs. For more information on using Liberty scholarships, please refer to the “Financing your Program” page.

Can I study abroad during my last semester at Liberty?

Students’ eligibility to study abroad during their final semester at Liberty University is dependent on the final courses they need to graduate. We recommend starting the planning process as early as possible and consulting your Global Program Coordinator to determine if studying abroad in your final semester is possible.

Please note that transcripts from a host university can take up to 2-3 months to receive after completing your study abroad program. This may delay your final degree conferral at Liberty. Program dates may also extend after Liberty’s regular semester, which can impact your ability to participate in Commencement.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Every Custom Study Abroad program has its own cost. You can find program costs for each program on the partner organization’s website.

To learn more about the Signature Study Abroad costs, please refer to the Study Abroad Programs page.

Can I study or intern abroad if I am an online student?

Yes. Online students can participate in study abroad and international internships.

Please refer to the eligibility guidelines on the Policies, Guidelines, &FAQ page to determine if you are eligible to study abroad.

How do I pay for my study abroad program?

Students going abroad with a partner organization will pay for most of their associated costs through Financial Check-In.

Students participating in an independent internship are responsible for paying their LU Send fee through Financial Check-In. Students are responsible for paying all other costs directly to their independent organization.

Students may be required to pay their program directly for:

• Application Fee
• Confirmation Deposit
• Additional Excursions

When should I complete Financial Check-In?

Students can complete Financial Check-In once all associated costs are posted on their student account. Students are still responsible for adhering to the University’s published deadlines for Financial Check-In.

If I decide to withdraw from my program before I go, will I receive a refund?

LU Send does not charge withdrawal fees for program withdrawal with a partner organization. Additionally, the LU Send Study Abroad fee is fully refundable if you withdraw from your program before you leave the U.S.

All students are responsible for adhering to the withdrawal policy of their specific partner organization. Please refer to your specific organization’s withdrawal policy for more information on withdrawal deadlines and potential financial penalties.

Is it possible to intern or study abroad more than once?

Students’ eligibility to study abroad more than once at Liberty University is dependent on their specific degree program requirements and the University’s transfer and academic policies. We recommend starting the planning process as early as possible and consulting your Global Program Coordinator to determine if studying abroad more than once is possible.

For more information about Liberty’s transfer and academic policies, please visit the academic policies in the University’s course catalog.

Can family members visit me while I am abroad?

Students will need to consult their specific program to determine whether visits are allowed.

Can I travel outside of my program location while I am abroad?

Yes. Students who travel outside their program location are required to update their itinerary record in their LU Send application portal. There is a list of countries that require preapproval from LU Send, Risk Management, and LUPD. If you are uncertain of which countries require approval, please contact your Global Program Coordinator at

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