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Study Abroad - Policies & Guidelines

All LU Send Abroad programs are university approved with oversight from multiple entities at Liberty.
The LU Send Abroad program involves advising, mandatory meetings, trainings and procedures managed by LU Send staff.

Students must meet specific requirements and deadlines to be eligible to participate in a LU Send Abroad program.
  • Students must have obtained 24 college credits prior to the semester they are planning to Study Abroad (these can be transfer or Liberty credits).
  • Students need to meet the specific GPA requirements of their selected program.
    • Please note students are required to have at least a 2.5 GPA to be approved by LU Send Abroad
  • Students must complete the required Background Check within their LU Send application.
  • Students must be in good academic standing at the time of application and immediately prior to the LU Send Abroad program term.
  • Students on academic suspension or probation at the time of application or immediately prior to the LU Send Abroad program are not eligible to participate.
  • Students on disciplinary probation and/or who have a significant history of disciplinary problems may not be eligible to participate.
  • Students must be at least 18 years old to study abroad. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students must be enrolled in a degree seeking program at Liberty University (full or part-time).
  • Incoming transfer students must complete at least one semester (fall or spring, full or part-time) at Liberty University prior to participating in an LU Send Abroad program.
  • Students who wish to participate in a LU Send Abroad program who do not meet the stated criteria for that program must submit a petition to the LU Send Office asking permission to do so. The petition will be reviewed by the Faculty & Staff Committee on Education Abroad (FSCEA) for final approval. Please email for instructions.
  • Students are required to adhere to The Liberty Way - Student Honor Code. If we are informed of any breaches to the code of conduct, there may be ramifications when you return to campus.
Billing & Payments
Signature Programs: Students will be billed by the University for Program cost, Tuition, and Study Abroad fees. Students must complete Financial Check-In to begin making payments. Students will be required to pay the signature program organization and other entities directly for:
  • Application Fees
  • Deposits (Commitment, Housing, Meal Plan, etc.)
  • Additional Excursions
  • Airfare
Custom Programs (Partner Programs): Students will receive and email once their bill/invoice has been sent from the Partner Program to LU Send. The student’s bill/invoice will be reviewed by LU Send, Registrar, and Student Accounts, then placed on the Liberty Student Account (ASSIST Account). The student's bill will reflect the program costs and your LU Send Abroad fee. Students must complete Financial Check-In (FCI) to begin making payments. Students who have completed Financial Check-In will be prompted to make one full payment, if needed please contact Student Accounts to setup a custom payment plan. Students will be required to pay the partner organization and other entities directly for:
  • Application Fees
  • Deposits (Commitment, Housing, Meal Plan, etc.)
  • Additional Excursions
  • Airfare
Independent Internship Programs: Students are fully responsible to pay the program organization directly for all program costs. However, students are required to pay through their Student Account for the LU Send Abroad fee by completing FCI. Please coordinate with the organization regarding payment due dates and other financial obligations.

NOTE: Students may receive their LU Send Abroad program cost and fees after Financial Check-In (FCI). Please contact the LU Send office at if you have been charged a late fee for FCI.
LU Send Abroad Fees
Students participating in a LU Send Abroad program will pay a LU Send Abroad fee. Fees include: Commitment deposit, Background check, International Health and Travel Insurance, Alert Traveler, Travel Package, Pre-Departure Training and Liberty University administration & processing fee.

  • Custom & Signature Program Semester (Study Abroad): $1200
  • Custom & Signature Program Summer (Study Abroad): $600
  • Internship Semester: $300
  • Internship Summer: $250

NOTE: The LU Send Abroad Fee is placed on the Student’s account. This fee is paid by completing FCI and submitting payments through ASSIST.
Financial Aid
Signature Programs:
  • Students can use Liberty scholarships for program tuition
  • Students can use outside scholarships, loans, and grants for program costs
Custom Programs:
  • Students cannot use Liberty Scholarships for program costs.
  • Students can use a portion of Liberty Scholarships for LU online course.
  • Students can use outside scholarships, loans, and grants.
Independent Internship Programs:
  • Students cannot use Liberty Scholarships.
  • Students cannot use outside scholarships, loans, and grants for program costs.
  • Students can use outside scholarships, loans, and grants for LU online courses.
NOTE: Once all applicable loans and financial aid have been applied, if there is any additional balance on your account, you are responsible for the remaining costs.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding your Financial Aid for a Signature Program, please contact Caleb Speck in Financial Aid.
Consortium Agreement

  • A consortium agreement is a document for students taking courses at a host university/study center.
  • The agreement allows students with Federal Aid, Scholarships and Loans to allocate those funds towards their study abroad costs.
  • The consortium agreement is completed in conjunction with your final (approved and process) course approval form.
  • Students will work with the LU Send Abroad Financial Aid representative to complete and sign their consortium agreement form.
  • A copy will be provided to you for your record. You will be asked to upload a copy to your Liberty Study abroad application.
  • Students are recommended to complete a consortium agreement even if they do not intend to use financial aid.
  • Students participating in a Signature Program do not need to complete a consortium agreement.
Registration & Enrollment
Students must be enrolled and maintain full time status while studying abroad (equivalent of at least 12 US credits each spring or fall semester). Course credits must satisfy the requirements of their Degree Completion Plan (DCP).

LU Send Abroad - Course Approval Form

Signature Programs:
  • Students studying abroad will be enrolled in courses at a study center; however they will be registered in special sections of Liberty courses.
  • Students may need pre-requisite overrides in order to be registered for the special sections.
  • Overrides can be obtained by working with the LU Send Office.
  • If you are participating in a Signature Study Abroad Program you will NOT need to complete a course approval form. However, if you need course substitutions you will need to work with the LU Send Office.
Custom Programs:
  • Students who study abroad will be enrolled in courses at a host university or study center.
  • Students studying abroad will need to gain pre-approval for courses through the course approval process.
  • Students must ensure that their Course Approval form has been reviewed and processed by all signing parties, in order to remain enrolled at Liberty University for the semester abroad.
  • Study Abroad + students need to complete the Internship Agreement Form to be registered for their 499 internship course.
Independent Internships:
  • Students need to complete the Internship Agreement Form in order to be enrolled in their 499 internship course.
  • Students are required to be enrolled in 12 online course credits during the fall and spring semesters (this includes 499 courses).

NOTE: Summer Programs do not follow the 12 credit hour minimum requirement
NOTE: Online students are not required to take minimum of 12 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters.
Courses, Credits, & Grades

  • Students must obtain a passing grade in courses taken abroad (C or above) to satisfy Degree Completion Plan requirements.
  • Transcripts are sent within 6 – 10 weeks of program completion from the host university.
  • For students participating in a Custom Program, courses transfer back as Pass or Fail only.
  • Credit systems (i.e. ECTS, CAT, etc.) vary throughout the world and it is very important that you understand how the credit system at your host institution relates to the credit system at Liberty University. Students should discuss this with the LU Send Office.
  • Students are required to take 50% of their major and minor requirements at Liberty University.
  • Courses taken abroad through Liberty Custom Programs will not be calculated into the students GPA.
  • Internship course credit is non-transferrable, students must be enrolled in a Liberty 499 internship course.
Please note that these deadlines are for the LU Send applications only. Please be sure to check with your partner/vendor organization for their program specific application deadlines.

  • Spring Deadlines
    • Program Selection Form – October 1st
    • Pre Decision – October 30th
    • Post Decision – Decembet 1st
  • Summer Deadlines
    • Program Selection Form – March 15th
    • Pre Decision – April 15th
    • Post Decision – May 15th
  • Fall Deadlines
    • Program Selection Form – April 15th
    • Pre Decision – May 15th
    • Post Decision – July 15th
Withdrawal & Refunds
From 60 days out from departure:
  • LU Send retains 50% of the LU Send Abroad fee.
  • No refund will be issued for the $100 program commitment deposit.
From 30 days out from departure
  • No refund will be issued.
Please Note: Refunds for fees associated with your Partner Program will be based on their refund policy.
International Health & Travel Insurance Requirement
Students are required to have International Health & Travel insurance. Please review the insurance documents that explain your coverage and summary of benefits. Insurance Documents:
Passport & Visas
  • Students attending an LU Send Abroad program are required to obtain and have a valid passport.
  • • Please be advised that your passport should not have an expiration date within six months of your return date (i.e. if you return from interning abroad January 1st 2018, your passport must have expiration date of June 2, 2018 or later).
  • Students attending an LU Send Abroad program may be required to obtain a Visa for the destination country.
  • Students are responsible for inquiring with Liberty and your Partner organization about applying for and obtaining a Visa.
  • Students are responsible for knowing the parameters of your visa including the expiration date.
  • Students are responsible for keeping your Visa (or copy, depending on country host recommendations) on your person at all times during your stay in country.
Housing at Liberty University

  • Students who will be abroad during any spring semester and not returning to LU housing will need to ensure during FCI to submit the Off-Campus Living Request.

  • Students are responsible for dates and deadlines to register for LU housing returning from their semester abroad.
Risk Management
Assessment of our programs and security conditions around the world is one of the primary functions of LU Send, Risk Management, and LUPD.
  • LU Send receives real time reports from iJet and continuously monitor travel alerts and advisories. LU Send takes into consideration recommendations issued by the U.S. Department of State, Centers for Disease Control, Alert Traveler, etc. AlertTraveler Information

  • For specific details on travel advisories and countries that are restricted for Liberty University travel, please contact LU Send at