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Application Process - Study Aboad

Study Abroad
Application Process
Requirements to Apply
Before going on a trip, there are a few requirements that need to be met.
  • Must have obtained 24 college credits (these can be transfer or institutional credits)
  • Be in good academic standing and meet the specific GPA requirements of your
  • specific program or school (each program varies in their GPA requirement)
  • Be in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct
    • If a student does have a conduct flag on their account LU Send will review the incident further to determine if the infraction will keep the student from being accepted to going abroad.
  • Background Check
Phase 1: Explore, Research and Inform
After understanding the different requirements, you can begin looking into our different study abroad programs.
  1. Discuss your aspirations to study abroad with parents/guardians, mentors, academic advisors and/or faculty
  2. Explore Liberty’s available programs via the LU Send website
  3. Research available programs based on why and when you want to go abroad (academics, language immersion, research, cultural exploration, ministry and service opportunities, and travel opportunities)
  4. Select 3-5 potential programs that you would like to pursue with the Study Abroad Advisors and Coordinator
Phase 2: Advising
Every student who goes on a study abroad program with Liberty University must go through advising prior to their trip.
  1. If you are ready to begin advising, pleas complete the Advising Form
  2. Allow 48hrs after completion of advising form to be contacted by a study abroad advisor. The advisor will set up an informational meeting to discuss your plans and go over study abroad details.
  3. Informational Meeting: The informational meeting will help you narrow your potential programs to 1 or 2 viable programs.
  4. Select one program to move forward with; contact the Study Abroad Office (via email) to schedule a planning meeting.
    1. Your study abroad advisor will assist you in scheduling a meeting with the Study Abroad Coordinator. This second meeting will be your course planning meeting.
  5. Course Planning Meeting: The Study Abroad Coordinator will assist you in selecting courses and work on your course approval form.
Phase 3: Applications
After the advising step is finished, you can begin submitting your application to your respective trip.
  1. Once your course approval has been approved and processed you can begin your partner program application.
  2. Once you have been accepted into your partner organization your Study Abroad Coordinator will begin your LU Send Application and send you a link to complete your application.
Phase 4: Commitment
An email will be sent to you once you are accepted to a trip, allowing you to begin the post-acceptance application process.
  1. Once you have been approved to Study Abroad by Liberty. You will receive an acceptance email prompting to accept and commit to your Study Abroad program.
    1. Please log into your application and accept and commit
    2. After doing so, you will be prompted to begin the post-acceptance application
  2. The post-acceptance application includes important questionnaires, signature documents, material submissions and learning content to finalize your approval and preparation to go abroad.
    1. This part of the application includes:
      1. Passport Information,
      2. Study Abroad Commitment Deposit
      3. Medical Information
      4. Flight Itinerary
      5. Etc.
  3. Please note that you will not have full clearance to go abroad until this application process is completed and submitted
  4. Please be sure you started and completed all requirements with the Partner organization.
Phase 5: Equip
Liberty University works with you to provide you with any information you may need before departing on your semester abroad.
  1. Ensure that applications (LU Send and Partner organization) has been completed
  2. Attend Pre-Departure Training
  3. Familiarize with re-entry tasks and assignments
    1. Registering for courses the following semester
    2. Registering for housing
    3. Completing surveys and Evaluations
  4. Begin familiarizing yourself with important cultural and language tips and details
  5. Log and keep a record of important contact numbers and addresses for in-country and permanent addresses for emergencies.
These are the LU Send Application Deadlines for each semester. Please note that these deadlines are for the LU Send applications only. Please be sure to check with your partner/vendor organization for their program specific application deadlines.

Spring 2019 – October 15th
Summer 2019 – April 15th
Fall 2019 – May 30th