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LU Abroad - Custom Programs

Liberty University values the safety of its students. Considering this fact, the University has deemed specific countries unsafe for travel.
For more information on which countries are restricted, please speak to your International Education Coordinator.

Custom Programs
LU Send has partnered with a number of organizations to provide students with a unique variety of options to study abroad or intern. Below you will find the available partner organizations that students can study abroad with.
LU Send Abroad Custom Programs: Students are provided incredible opportunities to study and Intern abroad. These programs are diverse in location, academic focus allowing for a sense of customization. Custom Programs provide:
  1. Opportunities to take courses at host universities and study centers.
  2. Opportunities to add an Internship to their study abroad experience.
  3. Opportunities to participate exclusively in summer internships.
NOTE: Students can use outside loans, scholarships, and grants but cannot use Liberty awarded scholarships for program cost. For more information on Custom Program specifics please see the Policy & Guidelines and the FAQs.