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International Proposal Process




Staff is available to consult with faculty in-person at any point in the proposal or development process. Email to connect today!

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International Proposal Deadlines (13 months before departure)

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All of the proposal dates are hard deadlines. All of the proposal dates are hard deadlines that are set 13 months before departure. Proposals that are received after the set deadline will not be approved.

Trip Dates Proposal Deadlines
January/Early Spring December 1
Spring Break February 15
Summer May/June April 30
Summer July/August May 30
Fall October 1

Trip Proposal Process

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As faculty, your involvement is integral in equipping Liberty students to be fully prepared to meet their futures in a global marketplace. LU Send works with you to create cross-cultural opportunities that contribute to your student’s development as lifelong learners and Champions for Christ, wherever their journey takes them.

Handbook and Best Practices Guide is currently undergoing updates
and is currently unavailable

Trip Leader Handbook Trip Leader Best Practices Guide

Please contact Audrey Hammond, Director of Development, by email or by phone (434-592-4204), to learn more about the proposal process.

LU Send will communicate the proposal’s approval status to the faculty/staff lead. Approved proposals will be moved into the trip development process.

Development Process

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  1. The Trip Coordinator assigned to your trip will meet with you to assess and finalize the specific logistical needs of your trip. This includes:
    • Trip itinerary
    • Budget & payment plan options
    • Flights & ground transportation
    • Participant training requirements
    • Promotion & recruiting strategies
    • Application personalization
    • Academic options & course registration strategy
    • Miscellaneous needs (passports/visas, insurance, background checks, specific vendor requirements, etc.)
  2. The faculty/staff leader and the appropriate LU Send individuals will sign the Trip Agreement outlining the responsibilities of all involved parties.
  3. After the Trip Agreement has been signed, promotion & recruiting for the trip can begin. Students will also be able to apply for the trip at this point.