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LU Send Study Abroad - FAQ

I have International coverage through my Program, do I have to have / pay for Liberty Insurance?
Yes. Students are required to have International Health & Travel insurance through Liberty University. When students go abroad they will purchase International Health and Travel insurance with their LU Send Study Abroad fee. Liberty University has mandated that all students that travel through LU Send are required to obtain International Health and Travel insurance.
How do I purchase International Health and Travel Insurance?
International Health and Travel Insurance is purchased by your International Education Coordinator once you have been approved by LU Send.
What does the LU Send Study Abroad fee cover?
  • AlertTraveler
  • Background Check
  • Commitment Deposit
  • Cultural Intelligence Training
  • International Health and Travel Insurance
  • Pre-Departure Training
Can I use my Liberty Scholarships?
LU Send Study Abroad students can only use Liberty given Scholarships if they are participating in one of the following Signature Programs:
  • Living and Learning International
  • Rome with Purpose
International Internship Students may use Liberty given Scholarships towards their Liberty tuition costs if they are participating in one of the Custom Programs.
Can I go abroad if I am graduating that semester?
Students are not advised to go on any LU Send Study Abroad programs during their final semester (if possible).
  • Transcripts are not received from the host university until 6-8 weeks after completing your Study Abroad program. This could delay the conferring of your degree.
  • Study abroad program dates vary and the end date may not be until after Liberty’s Commencement.
  • Often times a student’s Degree Completion Plan requirements do not allow students to Study Abroad during their final semester.
*If you feel that your final semester is the ideal time for you to pursue an opportunity abroad, the possibility can be discussed with your International Education Coordinator on a case by case basis
How much do Study Abroad trips / International Internships cost?
LU Send Study Abroad programs vary in cost. Price depends on program type, location, program length, in-country cost of living, airfare, etc. For more details on program cost please contact your International Education Coordinator.
Can I study or intern abroad if I am an online student?
Yes. We encourage online students to participate in Study Abroad/International Internship Programs. Your Peer Advisor and International Education Coordinator will work with you via email and phone to guide you through the Advising and Application Process.
What countries are not approved by Liberty? How can I find this information?
Liberty receives a list of countries that require approval every three months. Please contact your International Education Coordinator if you have questions concerning a specific country at
Do I pay Liberty or my Program organization?
Students will pay Liberty University for the majority of their Signature or Custom Program cost. Liberty University has a direct bill agreement with all Signature or Custom Programs. Please keep in mind that the students will not pay Liberty for the Signature and Custom Program application fee or housing deposits; these fees are paid directly to the Signature or Custom program.
When can I complete Financial Check-In?
Financial Check-in is available for you to complete once the Custom Program has sent your invoice to LU Send. Your Coordinator will update your Student Account with the fees for your program abroad. Please note that invoices are generally sent 30-60 days prior to program start dates. If your invoice is received after Financial Check-in deadlines please work with your Coordinator to appeal late check-in fees.
If I decide to cancel my program before I go, can I receive a refund for money already paid?
Refunds are generally not provided to students for money already paid to the Custom Program and Liberty University. If a student cancels their program prior to the start date they are issued a cancellation invoice from the Custom Program. If a student cancels their program after the LU Send participation fee has been added to their account, they are still responsible for paying this fee. For more information please see the Policies & Guidelines section “Withdrawals & Refunds."
Is it possible to go abroad for multiple semesters / terms?
Yes, it is possible for students to study/intern abroad for multiple semesters / terms. Students can go abroad consecutive or non-consecutive semesters. Please note any student that Study Abroad cannot take more than half of the credits required for their major or minor at a host university.
Can family members visit me while I am abroad?
Absolutely! We encourage family members to support students while abroad. This is a great way to share your experiences in a unique way.
Can I travel outside of my program location while I am abroad?
Yes. Students who travel outside their program location are required to update their itinerary record in their LU Send application portal. There is a list of countries that require pre-approval from LU Send, Risk Management, and LUPD. If you are uncertain of which countries require approval, please contact your International Education Coordinator at