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Israel - LUOA

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Trip Details

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Important Disclaimer for LUOA Participants: For eligible travelers who are 17 years of age and younger, or do not have a Liberty Username and Password, the first step of your application will involve a TerraDotta “Signature Verification Form.” While it is a requirement that you sign this document, please follow the instructions below for sending this information to LU Send, as opposed to the default instructions provided by TerraDotta.
  1. Print & Sign Document
  2. Scan Document as PDF OR Print Document as PDF
  3. Send PDF attachment to the LU Send office at & included the text “Israel LUOA Signature Verification Form” in the Subject Line
  4. Complete remainder of TerraDotta application processes.
Thank you for your attention to this additional detail. Our hope is that this will allow the process to be easier and more efficient for both you and LU Send. Thank you!